15 Apr 2016

🍁Love Autumn 🍂 Love Buttons 🍁

Happy Friday :) Hope you have something good planned for the weekend!
My Father is celebrating his 80th this weekend so the family will be getting together and raising a glass!
Autumn is my favourite season so I'm always interested in leaves and pumpkins at any time of the year, I've just listed these super buttons in my store in case you are thinking ahead for the Autumn and planning your projects!

 So pleased to be back blogging, have had a great time browsing around other sites, hope to get round many more sites it is so addictive...and a complete time thief but a lot of fun and as I blog about my business and home life....I am technically working :) yay! 
Have a lovely weekend, see you very soon

11 Apr 2016

I'm now on Bloglovin too!

Just a quicky....please do feel free to follow me on bloglovin to keep up to date with my posts!

Many thanks

Spicy Mugs Mats

Hello friends, 

I've been busy on the sewing machine and thought you might like to see what I've been up to!
Here are some spicy mug mats that I have made here in The Homespun Loft  
All are for sale and can be purchased from my website here

All are double lined and filled with my own recipe spicy mix

 Stored in a vacuum seal for freshness until purchased
  These are quilt themed, I was so pleased to find these little cute fabrics.

 All made from 100% cotton front and backs

Thank you for looking, hope you like them and if you have any questions please do get in touch, I would love to hear from you :)

1 Apr 2016

My Daughter's Blog!

Hello friends, this little post is to introduce my Daughter Molly's blog. 

 I would love you to take a peek at it and follow her if you would like!  She is really into beauty, makeup and cooking and does great reviews of products and recipes that she has tried and loved...or not loved so much! 

She has a lovely way of writing and takes beautiful photos, she is still new to blogging and has only done a few posts but would love to meet some new friends on her blog!  

Many thanks for looking

22 Mar 2016

Cinderella Exhibition

 Well hello again friends!  I've decided that after a "short break" from blogging (cough...ahem, nearly 3 years!)  I have genuinely missed my blog and all the friends that I made on here.  It took a while to get back into it so I thought I would gently dip my toe in and show you some pictures of this wonderful  Cinderella exhibition that I went to with my daughter.  We just happened upon it in Leicester Square when we were in London last April.  The tickets were free so we grabbed the chance to take a peek inside!  This was a Disney's Cinderella Exhibition presented by Swarovski showing props and costumes from the film starring Lily James.

Leicester Square, London
Artwork and sketches from the original movie

Anastasia and Drisella's arrival dresses
Evil Stepmother's arrival dress
Cinderella's Father's desk
Poor Cinders in the kitchen!

Loving these pumpkins :)
Cinderella meeting the Fairy Godmother
Fairy Godmother!
The gold carriage was fully functioning, 10 feet high, 17 feet long and weighed 2 tonnes!
Cinderella's dress was made using 10,000 Swarovski crystals, 3 miles of fabric made into 24 layers 
(9 copies were made during production!)
The Ballroom

The ugly sister's at the ball

Beautiful actual size glass slipper made from solid Swarovski crystal

Really fun to look round this super exhibition, my daughter loved it too.
Thank you for taking a look with me, I look forward to visiting all your sites again soon!